Art Institute Loan Discharge Program

Art Institute loan discharge program is available to those that have been mislead or defrauded by any of the Art Institute's locations. Many students enrolled into programs at varying locations in hopes of receiving a valuable degree and job upon graduation. However, this was rarely the case. Often students were left with mountains of debt to pay for a degree many employers will not accept. Due to this hardship placed on former students and graduates of the Art Institute there are programs set in place to assist with their debt load. This includes student loan forgiveness programs and the art institute loan discharge program. Both have helped thousands of borrowers reduce their debt and see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, the art institute loan discharge program only accepts a limited number of applicants so call immediately to speak with one of our advisors to get your application in. To be eligible for the programs you must have attended one of the art institutes locations and currently have federal student loans that you are dealing with. If you have private student loans we have another program in place for you so it is best to inquire to see the best route for your debt-free future. The Art Institute Loan Discharge Program and student loan forgiveness may be closing enrollment soon so call us today to get in before the doors shut. However, if you do qualify, apply and are accepted into the art institute loan discharge program, your loans may be partially or completely erased. This means you may not have to pay another dollar towards your student loans if you are accepted into the program. Other borrowers are given relief of some of their debt which means they will only be paying a fraction of their outstanding amount owed.